About Us

The Leaders


Greg Pashley’s European Walks have been developed, planned and will be led by Greg Pashley.  The concept has grown out of the passion that Greg and his wife, Rose, have for walking in the mountains and scenic regions of Europe.  Greg is an experienced walker who has led many groups in Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Europe. He has taken groups over the Kokoda Trail, the Routeburn Track and the Milford Track along with many groups throughout Europe.  Closer to home he has led walkers on Tasmania’s Overland Track and on treks in the Budawangs and the Blue Mountains to name but a few.  Greg has an extensive knowledge of Europe’s natural and cultural areas.  He can take you to villages, towns and walks well off the beaten track.  Greg also has an international and a coach licence and has driven extensively in Europe and the USA in numerous vehicles.  He also takes tours cultural and sporting school groups internationally, recently returning from the USA and UK.

Rose Pashley, apart from being a very experienced trek leader in her own right (Overland Track, Six Foot Track, Tongariro Crossing NZ, Haleakala HAWAII, Ben Nevis SCOTLAND, Snowdon WALES etc), is heavily involved in the walk planning, tour itineraries, day notes and research and development.  She smooths the way with pensions and hotels, organises museum and gallery visits.  Having spent 13 years as a Captain in the Australian Army School Cadet Corps teaching mapping and navigation; she also loves exploring the landscape with maps to find just the right walk for a path.  She also has a licence to drive anything up to a 30 seater bus internationally.  Rose also contributes to Atlases and Geography text books, both hard copy and online content.

Both Greg and Rose have TAFE Travel Qualifications and share 40 years of driving tour groups.

Ron Richards, is a key member of European Walks and has extensive walking and driving experience in Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  Ron, who is in charge of logistics, is invaluable with his driving skills, the ability to fix anything and his endless supply of jokes and stories.  He is an extremely interesting, kind hearted and ever considerate man.  A true asset to any tour.

Pepi McIntosh, another invaluable member of the European Walks ‘family’ is a contributing food writer for the tours’ important day notes.  She continually inspires us all with her love, passion and seemingly endless enthusiasm for all things food and culture.   A brilliant researcher, Pepi is an absolute pleasure to travel with.   She comments, ‘The food of a region is itself a recipe, a unique combination of its geography (what will grow there, trade routes, climate), its history (past invasions, who has traded with who etc) and its evolving culture (religions, inventions, revolts, feuds, ingenuities and necessities).  I love finding the stories behind the dishes:  How did the dish evolve?  How and why was it named?  Every new trip is a new culinary adventure!  Enjoy yours”

Geoff McIntosh, another wonderful member of the European Walks ‘family’ has loved driving since he was allowed to drive his parents’ Standard 10 car up the driveway at age 15. After a career in retail which involved driving in many different countries, he took early retirement. He still loves travel, walking, driving, meeting new people and eating new cuisines. He believes that walking balances out the excesses of delicious foods and wines. Geoff and his wife Pepi joined Greg and Rose for a wonderful trip to Italy in 2010. Since then Geoff has driven for Greg in Spain, Portugal, the South of France and the Pyrenees. He looks forward to driving in Sicily and Malta in 2015, as well as joining the Alpine Wanderer this year.

Kate Pashley, an award winning photographer, acts as an assistant leader on some of the tours.  As well as taking photographs, her bubbly personality keeps everybody happy.   www.katiepashley.com (site under construction)


The Walks


The focus of each tour will be a series of outstanding guided day walks that will take you into the mountains and hills, towns and villages, valleys and coastal regions of Europe.  By day, experience the adventure and challenge of the Alps but spend the night in your comfortable hotel or gasthof.  The itineraries will take you off the tourist track to tiny villages and towns where you can meet the locals and learn about the culture.  On the other hand you will not miss out on the opportunity to spend time in some of Europe’s great cities – Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid.


Walk Gradings


Gentle:  Almost completely flat; less than 2 hours; under 5km; often urban and certainly not remote; well graded track; ascent / descent < 50m

Easy:  Generally flat or undulating; less than 4 hours; under 8km; maybe urban or rural; generally a well graded track; ascent/descent < 100m

Medium:  Flat or undulating with some hills; 4 to 5 hours; up to 10km; alpine pastures and valleys; generally a well graded track; ascent/descent

Challenge:  Hilly with some testing climbs; up to 6 hours; mountain valleys and ridges; variable track conditions; ascent and descent < 500m

Hard:  Variable alpine terrain; up to 8 hours; generally not exposed but in remote alpine country; variable track conditions; ascent/descent < 1000m

Difficult:  Steep and rugged terrain; up to 8 hours; can be airy in wild alpine country; rough tracks; maybe ladders or chains + scrambling; ascent/descent > 1000m